boomboompow did i say that outloud

trying to see my priest on wowhead

why is this so difficult grrr

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Warframe does the Ice Bucket Challenge x


level 87-89 is the worst

so hard to motivate one’s self

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Get to know me!

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name: Kned

Birthday: November 28th

Favorite color: Red and Blue (together mostly)

Lucky numbers: 3, 1, 5. or 2, 6. 8. it’s a little odd

Height: 5’9-5’10. i seem to change everytime i measure myself.

Talents: keeping europeans awake. it’s a completely useless talent

Last dream you remember: uhh i can’t remember which one happened sooner, but it was either comforting Makoto in the rain (????) or watching a woman getting sliced by a dude (????)

i have… odd dreams

Can you juggle: Nope

Art/sports/both: Art, used to swim though

Do you like writing: Yes and no. I like the brainstorming process, but actually going to write, i have major difficulties. woo learning disabilities!

Do you like dancing: not publicly

Do you like singing: again, not publicly


Dream vacation: hmmmm, a cruise around the world probably, going to tons of different port cities and learning about that place would be pretty cool

Dream guy/gal: does my boyfriend count /cheesy

Dream wedding: i hate weddings 

Dream pet: kitties, or reptiles

Dream job: does winning the lottery count

Favorite song: uhhhhhh hhmm. /shrug

Favorite album: idk i don’t like artists enough to like albums

Last song you heard on the radio: i tend to listen to the news rather than music, but i think it was don’t stop believing 

Least favorite song: there is a song that infuriates me but i can’t think of it

Least favorite album: :U

Least favorite artist: U:


Guys/girls/both: Both

Hair color: hmmm, really light blonde, or bright red

Eye color: used to be blue, but i’ve come to LOVE dark brown eyes

Humorous/serious: humorous

Taller/shorter: Taller.

Biggest turn-off: i don’t think i’ve been attracted to people enough to figure out my turn offs or turn ons

Biggest turn-on: same here.

Tagging: uhhh i am bad at tagging

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HEY ITS OK THAT ITS OVERUSED BECAUSE ITS A GOOD ITEM OK (also is it really THAT overused or does my server just have really poor fashion sense because i don’t really see people using it that often)

i don’t see it as often as some pieces (looking at you t6 paladin helm), but whenever someone makes a transmog for rogues, that helm is almost always used

but hey, it’s a good transmog item, and i will use it on my druid… even if he turns into a bear most of the time

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well at least i got cursed vision first try

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i swear to fucking god

if i want something off a boss in wow

i literally can’t go an kill it on another character, because then it will drop for that one.

like the bow in sunwell. or this belt in BT.
thank god i don’t raid on alts because otherwise i’d never gear ever

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This… was not our destiny.

Times change.


My only thing is, parallel universe? Or did they rewrite history? And I’m curious as to how the burning legion now plays out with Illidan and the orcs.


illidan aint a thing on this draenor, hes still on the other azeroth (which is probably getting fucked over by the burning legion since the horde and alliance don’t exist on that azeroth)

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literally wtf the fuck


Well that was about a million more times entertaining than I expected.


top gear + tumblr text posts part I

I’m a sucker for joining fleeting tumblr trends

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Gul'dan: Drink, Hellscream... Claim your destiny!
Grommash: *Looks back* You sure kiddo?
Garrosh: *subtle nod* Yeah Dad.
Grommash: So uh, hey, what's the catch?
Gul'dan: Everything.
Grommash: LOL nah
Mannoroth: *Mannologues*
Mannoroth: *Mannoinsults*
Grommash: *smirking out the fucking ass*
Mannoroth: *MannoLOLNOCHAINZ4U*
Grommash: *Hulks out*
*Deadly spinning mechanical spiked pillbug*
Grommash: So I wanted TO AXE YOU A QUESTION!
Mannoroth: *Mannosplosion*
Grommash: "LOL geddit. 'axe'? I'm hilari-"
Garrosh: DAD NO
-so much fire-
Gul'dan: "... This... Was not... Our destiny!"
Garrosh: "*dramatic reveal* Times change.
Garrosh: I MADE A PUN
Garrosh: GEDDIT
Garrosh: Hey Dad have your axe back
Grommash: I knew you were my son. Only a Hellscream can pun like that.

nah that dalek picture only has 1600~ notes

warlords gif set has the most notes 

i’m so proud of you little orcs