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hello all

i’ll make gifs again soon, just been kinda busy herpherp

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That’s not how you do it Javik

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sometimes people need to remember that beta is not a finished product.

…that goes for some developers too


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nyx prime is beautiful omg

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the-bitchy-druid replied to your post:ugh so was able to test stuff on the beta aand… …

I really like having 3 charges of Renewing Mists though. But I only played around with it, didn’t actually heal dungeons or anything. x:

the three charges are nice, but ugh, it feels so slow from what it used to be. like i have… 1? instant cast ability now and that’s renewing mist which heals for maybe 300. a holy priest has more instant casts and that’s scary.

i did proving grounds as a holy priest, a resto druid, and mistweaver, and i can’t get past wave 5 bronze on the mistweaver. i just don’t have the strength in heals it’s just uuuuugh

holy priest has so many options and then druids just are so powerful since they cover all the bases. Strong instant cast heal? check. strong hot? check. powerful raid cooldown? check. good tank cooldown? check. utility outside of healing? check.

i feel mistweaver should have the instant cast ‘niche’, like druids are the hots niche, paladins tank healing niche.

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so was able to test stuff on the beta aand…

yeah mistweaver ew ugh.

some of it can be fixed with like… flat healing buffs, but that damn gcd. i want my 1 second gcd back! /sobs

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ugggh being sick sucks so bad sob

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I love waking up with a cold, it’s great!

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"most agonizing event in warframe history"

aight it took us like… 3 hours, Oxium event was way more annoying. Even Tethra’s Doom.

Hell, the last event was worse, Cryotic front?

This event was fine, and the new bosses being reskins of Kela De Thaym? Grineer are clones…………….

though I will agree the rewards were a bit meh. Slash damage mods only? If they were slash and say… attack speed/fire rate, they’d be great. though i still haven’t gotten a jagged edge so i’m happy with buzz kill

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nyx: prime
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